The Rams are Rolling

Benedict Gaffney, Staff Writer

Although varsity is not off to a great start, the JV baseball team is going off. Ever since their first loss, JV has scored 34 runs in 2 games. Everyone on the Rams have been going off. Freshman Ryan Santoriello or “Santo” pitched great against Johnson. Freshman George Fagan took a big hit away in the first inning against Johnson and came back with 2 hits. Freshman Ben Gaffney or “Gaff” is batting .500. Brody Henderson and Jack Olohan have been hitting absolute tanks against Johnson and Brearley.  Sophomore Dante has been playing great and has been hitting great! Catcher John Cooney has been playing great — last game he had 2 hits! 

Joe Anthony, a great player and leader on the team, has been playing great and the JV players are just waiting for him to be called up. Against Johnson, Anthony hit a nuke with bases loaded and, in general, has been hitting really well and has been playing great defense. Anthony is a great leader and player. 

All in all, the Rams are 2-1. In three games, they have scored 37 runs. JV is an unexpected winner and they are going to continue that all season.