Will Smith Proves that Everyone Does, Indeed, Hate Chris

Ahadu Kebede, Staff Writer

Every year, the top actors in the top movies convene at one extravagant venue to discuss who gets to win the shiny trophy at the Oscars. Every year, we all pretend to care about the Oscars even though most of us haven’t seen half the movies that were nominated. However, this year is different, because this year’s Oscars featured something that no other Oscars has had before: violence.

During Chris Rock’s speech, he made a joke about Will Smith’s wife’s baldness, saying, “GI Jane 2, can’t wait to see it.” This apparently incensed Will and inspired him to go on stage and deliver a hearty slap to the face of Rock, before going back to his seat and instructing Chris to “keep his wife’s name out of his mouth” (paraphrased). This entanglement caught the attention of the entire country, and, for the first time in years, made people actually care about the Oscars.

To make things more awkward, Will Smith actually ended up winning an Oscar for best documentary, where he delivered a tear-ridden speech about not only the movie but his actions.

When Chris Rock was questioned about the altercation, he responded with “…And I’m still kind of processing what happened,” informing the audience that he won’t be commenting on the situation for a while. This means he could speak on it in a year or as soon as this August; the world will never know.