Freshmen Hoops Update

George Fagan, Staff Writer

The last few weeks have been a little bit rough for the Rams. These boys have continued to fight hard but have come up short in their last three games. The first game they had to play was Cranford which was just a very tough game. The freshmen could not stop #2 with his dangerous three-point shooting. After Cranford had beat them up very badly, the Rams were in for two tough matchups against Hillside and New Providence. The game against Hillside was a close one for a while and looked very promising for the future JV players.

Back in the second game of the season, the Rams lost to Hillside by twenty in a one-sided matchup. The Rams came with different intensities on the road and kept it close for most of the game. Aidan Fahy scored a personal Oratory career-high of 19 points, and absolutely went off for the Rams. The Rams would come up short, however, and lose by ten in a heartbreaking loss due to their third-quarter performance. The New Providence game was an absolutely ugly game for the freshmen. Although down a ton, halfway through the third the Rams put up a 29-6 run to end the game. They would also lose by ten to New Providence but carry in this intensity to Scotch Plains and New Providence again. The Rams are definitely still going strong even after three losses. These Rams are better than you think and can beat your team at any time. So long, and see you next time.