Tilted Towers Is Back!

George Fagan, Staff Writer

Fortnite has come back as one of the people’s favorite games to play as the frigid temperatures (and Covid) have caused video games to be played more. For the past four years, the game to play has been Fortnite due to the objective and how fun it is to play as a team. Four years ago the game was much different regarding the selection of play styles, the weapon choices, and the places to land. Everyone had so much fun four years ago until they began to want more out of the game. Now, four years later, the map has changed, the weapon choice is different, and there are more competitive modes to play – people love the game. The newest chapter of the game has caused a massive surge of players to return, with numbers indicating the biggest rise in users since December of 2020. Everyone thought that they will bring back the original map everyone loves, but they did not this chapter. Although they did not bring back the map, as of yesterday, Tilted Towers is back. Tilted Towers was everyone’s favorite place to land, and the most populated site on the map. Since this morning, everyone has been on the game, which might lead everyone to start playing and having the same fun they did four years ago. Epic Games has had a bunch of bad updates recently, but in my opinion, this one might have saved it all. I cannot wait to play this new update and hope it will lead to many other great ones.