Freshmen Basketball Team Update

George Fagan, Staff Writer

This year has been filled with many ups and downs for the Freshmen Basketball team. Currently, the team full of young Rams is 3-5 after losing to Dayton in a close contest. The season is not over yet and almost feels like it has just begun. The Rams started off promising with them crushing Barringer. After that, a few players were unable to participate due to COVID, and then vacation added to the mishaps as Christmas break ensued. The Rams, going into their holiday tournament, would be 2-1 after crushing Hanover Park and losing in a close game to Cranford. Their Holiday Tournament would not go so hot after getting crushed by Johnson. After that game, the Rams got everything together and beat Union Catholic in stunning fashion. As of last week, everyone is back, and even though the Rams have suffered heartbreaking losses in two close contests, it does not mean that they are done yet. Watch out for these guys because they are up and coming!