A New Olympic Event This Year: The MonoBob

Brody Henderson, Staff Writer

Many of us have watched the Winter Olympics in the past and have seen the bobsled event where two to four competitors push their sled and then jump in it. They are trying to be the fastest team to the finish line. This year, the monobob will be introduced in the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Unlike the traditional Bobsled, this vehicle only allows one person in the sled.

The monobob is shorter than the traditional bobsled and is significantly cheaper in price as well. A monobob can cost approximately $15,000, whereas a two to four-person sled can cost $70,000 or higher. In this Monobob event, one person alone must do the pushing, driving, and steering of the sled. While this year’s Monobob Olympic event will only allow women participants, the men will continue to compete in the traditional Bobsled event. Keep your eyes peeled this February when you see the monobobs darting down the icy track at speeds of 70mph and higher.