The Weeknd Drops Album of the Year Only a Week into 2022.

Ahadu Kebede, Staff Writer

This Friday at 12 o’clock, popular pop artist The Weeknd released his new album Dawn FM accompanied by a live concert streamed on Although the new year has barely begun, I can safely say that this is certifiably a contender for album of the year. The eloquent use of radio DJs to transition from one song to another is simply brilliant. It’s even better when the two songs being transitioned into each other sound completely different, providing a smooth entrance to a song with a completely different vibe.

While his previous album, After Hours, boasted high-energy tracks like “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights,” Dawn FM sports calmer, slower tracks like “Out of Time,” though there are some tracks for fans of the former albums’ style like “Take my Breath” and “Gasoline.”

Overall, I rate this album a 10/10.