Grant Board

Charles Kline, Staff Writer

The OP Parents Guild sponsors a grant program that offers up to $500 to student initiatives to enhance learning, improve community development, and support religious experience. The committee uses a rubric to determine whether to approve a grant and looks for initiatives that have broad reach in the OP community and can impact students for years to come. Past grants have included graphing calculators, a new robot for the Robotics Club, and fishing poles for the Fishing Club. Not all of the grants need to be educational – many of them can benefit clubs. 

Many students don’t know about this so I am going to ask a few how they would spend $500 for the school.

Student 1 – “Wait how much money? Also, why didn’t I know this was a thing. Well I mean I guess new chairs would be kinda cool.” Student 1 would request better chairs for increased productivity. The nice chairs could also allow students to sit still easier and focus better on lessons.  Despite this being above $500, I will include it because he brings up a good point. If Student 1 truly wants to, he can request a grant for this, but it is likely too much money.

Student 2 – “Oh you know what would be cool, some of those yoga ball chairs!” Student 2 would spend his grant money on yoga chairs in a specific room. His reasoning for this is that it could lessen stress for the students. I personally think this is a solid idea. Some may misuse the chairs, but it could be an alternative to the normal chairs

Student 3 – “Hmmmmm. This is a hard question. I have no clue, wait, actually, a 3D printer.” Student 3 had a different idea. He thought about buying a 3D printer. I personally like this idea a lot. A 3D printer can benefit almost all students. Clubs and classes can benefit from this as well. A science class could possibly replicate something they are studying. 

If any student would like to request a grant, just reach out to the committee. They are offering up to $500 per grant, and anything you think could help would be considered. The first grant deadline was November 15th, but there are two more opportunities to request funds. Grants will be considered for January 30 and March 15.  Applications can be found on the OP website under the Parents tab here: