2021-22 NBA Season Holiday Update


Image courtesy of NBC News

Samuel Nnadi, Staff Writer

We’re about 26 games deep for most teams, into a 2021-2022 NBA season that hasn’t disappointed in terms of quality and entertainment. With Christmas on the way soon, this is the time where the league starts to take shape and expectations are made of certain teams and players. That’s why I’m going to be looking and analyzing the top storylines in the NBA right now.

  1. The Lakers Suck

A big surprise early on this season has been the garbage performances from the Lakers. The whole team is inconsistent and currently sits on a 14-13 record, just one game over .500, which puts into perspective how mid they’ve been this season. Russell Westbrook’s performances have been inconsistent. A team that was supposed to be led by Anthony Davis, isn’t, due to his lackluster performances. Their best player is a 36-year-old LeBron James still on the top of his game, but seeing far more injuries. The Lakers have a huge problem and a problem they have to fix quickly if they want to win this year.

  1. Can the Bucks Repeat?

My pick to win this season and looking good so far, the Bucks are looking like a great team. The big three of Russ, AD, and Lebron of the Lakers, as well as the Bulls big three of DeRozan, Lonzo, and Lavine, have been getting all the headlines, but quite like last year, the Bucks big three have been on the low. When Giannis, Jrue Holiday, and Khris Middleton start together, the Bucks are 12-1, as opposed to their 4-9 record when one of them isn’t able to start. This is a great sign as they know that as long as they stay healthy, there’s no way they can’t challenge for the title.

  1. Stop Doubting the Point God…

Chris Paul is 36 years old and was just handed a big extension from the Suns this past summer, which the whole basketball world opposed because they felt he was going to regress due to his old age. Right now it doesn’t look like CP3 is going anywhere soon at least. Right now the Suns are tied as the best team in the whole NBA, and that’s without their franchise player, Devin Booker. Chris Paul has been leading this team to wins with his ability to pass the ball, shown in how he’s leading the league in assists (according to NBA.com), and key decisions in the clutch that have made the Suns a winning team. It’s time we stop doubting him, sit back, and appreciate greatness.

  1. Has Stephen Curry finally taken the throne as Best in the World?

Stephen Curry has been on an absolute mission this season. He averages the most points per game, only behind his former teammate, Kevin Durant. The Warriors are tied currently with the Suns as the best team in the NBA when most predicted them to be one of the worst. The reason why they have exceeded expectations is through the phenomenal play of Stephen Curry. That raises the question though: Is Stephen Curry the best player in the world? In my opinion, he’s never taken that crown. It should’ve been him after winning unanimous MVP in 2016, but then Lebron absolutely killed it in the Finals and got all the acclaim as the best. Shortly after, Kevin Durant would join Curry on the Warriors and would take the crown from Lebron as the best player in the world. It’s only after Durant got injured and the Raptors won the NBA championship, people claimed Kawhi was the best player in the world, before the next season in 2020, Lebron would take back that crown after a Finals victory. Now we are in a tough position in determining if that title rests with Durant, Curry, or even the reigning Finals MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo. I believe heavily though that at this moment, Curry is the best in the world, but everything is all subject to change in the biggest stage that is the NBA playoffs.