Rambotics – OP Robotics Club Overview

Enzo Sarango, Staff Writer

The OP Robotics Club, also known as Rambotics, is in full swing as we are working to improve our robot for upcoming competitions. As a member, I feel like this club offers you an opportunity to gain an insight on how to tackle certain problems and learn to do a variety of things, especially from the seniors. I feel like the seniors welcomed all new members with open arms and were very patient in teaching us how to assemble the robot and use its pieces. I encourage anyone who has an interest in robotics, would like to build a robot, and even code, to join our club. In an interview with Mrs. Monczka, who oversees the club, she stated that the goal of the club is to develop teamwork and the necessary skills to recognize the problems that need to be fixed in our robot. She said it is a learning experience for all the members and a trial and error process in order to have a functioning robot. Mrs. Monczka hopes that everyone will be able to take something important from their involvement in our club. Rambotics recently had a competition on November 20 where we were able to assemble a working robot in time for the competition, while many of our competitors failed to do so. This shows how determined many members of the club are. I have witnessed how everyone is willing to squeeze in extra meetings and hours to get the job done. As senior Jack Devine said, “many lessons were learned and now we are improving our robot for better performance in future competitions.” In an interview with Mr. Gordon, he expressed his pride in the boys because we were able to have a robot in time for our first competition. He also mentioned that the club members have adjusted properly throughout the course of the year and have been able to piece everything together. He also said that much more testing needs to be done, but by our next competition everything should be good to go. The Robotics Club is just getting started and there’s much much more to come, so be on the lookout!