Freshman Basketball Preview

George Fagan, Staff Writer

As the Winter Sports season starts to take off, almost all Oratory sports have gone underway. The hockey team is looking promising, the bowling team is dominating, and the winter track team has started to train. Basketball teams have been made and the Rams are looking great. The Varsity is the best we have seen in a few years, the JV is grinding, but the last team that has potential is the Freshman. What do we expect?

The Freshmen team is composed of thirteen guys with Mr. Hughes coaching once again. The last three days, these boys have been grinding in and out of the gym and are hungry for several W’s. The only other Freshman sport that has played this school year was soccer; however, that did not go so hot. Since many of the kids were on the soccer team, they are determined to turn things around. The Freshmen team is a pretty solid team composed of several guards and four big men you do not want to run into on defense. Their shooting is unstoppable, their defense is above average, and their work ethic is outstanding. They’re a tough team you do not want to mess with.

The Freshmen play a little over twenty games this season. They want to make every game count and put on a show for their classmates. They want that atmosphere of playing in the loud gym and balling out with their buddies. Their first task is a scrimmage against Barringer at home, and they want people to be there. Anyone who is reading this better come to all basketball games, especially the Freshmen, because they will put on a show.