Youtube Breaks its Previous Record for the Dumbest Possible Decision

Ahadu Kebede, Staff Writer

For the longest time, YouTube has continuously tried to one-up itself in terms of the most ridiculous things it could possibly do to its platform. Remember how you used to need Google+ to comment on a video? Or how you could crowdsource captions? And who could forget the complete removal of annotations, making nearly all interactive videos made before 2017 dysfunctional? Well, I’m proud to announce that somehow, by the grace of God, an even dumber decision has been made. 

By January 2022, all dislikes on YouTube videos will be made private. Want to display your disapproval of a bad video? Too bad. Want to easily discern the quality of a video without watching it? Too bad. YouTube claims that since other platforms don’t even have a dislike button, this will not be too big of a change. In other words, this is the birth of “l + ratio + you fell off + yb makes better videos” in the comments.