What is with Sprite Cranberry?

George Fagan, Staff Writer

It is that time of year when you start to feel the cold air. As the Christmas season is approaching, the traditions we are used to are coming back. One could be the Hess Trucks or the Santa Coca-Cola commercials, but the one everyone is going crazy about is Sprite Cranberry.

Sprite Cranberry only comes out once a year. This time of year, to advertise, we usually see animated Lebron James dance to the wonderful song called “Sprite Cranberry.” Lebron says that it tastes like absolute gold, and as a matter of fact, he is one hundred percent correct. Normally, Sprite has that almost sour lemon with a hint of lime-type flavor. Sprite Cranberry is totally different. Sprite Cranberry almost tastes like liquid gold, having only a little bit of lime and a dazzling dose of cranberry. You could just taste the Christmas season coming closer and closer.

The only bad part about this is that Sprite Cranberry is limited-time only. The only place to get it right now is Kings, and you do not want to miss out. Tell your parents to buy it or even your local representatives to put it in the vending machines. Go get yours today and really take in what it is like to taste liquid gold.