Operation Smile

George Fagan, Staff Writer

Operation Smile Club is one of the organizations at Oratory that really helps out. The people we try to help are the people with cleft palates, which makes their lips have a big indent at the top. These kids need surgery to fix it which costs about two hundred dollars. As a group, we like to meet every other week and discuss what we can do to help kids with cleft lip or palate. Operation Smile wants the whole entire school to participate in some sort of way. At the meetings, we discuss which future fundraisers would be best for us to get the donation money. Our goal this year is to raise one thousand dollars to help those kids in need. If you see a bake sale, a video game fundraiser, or a spike ball tournament fundraiser, think about participating in it because you will help so many kids in need. Right now, we are just trying to think of a fundraiser that people will participate in, so if you have any ideas, email someone on the team. If you want to help out as a member, email Mr. Martin and join us. Operation Smile Club has not only taught me about funding for those people in need, but it also taught me to try to make things better without being reminded.