How Oratory Will Beat SHP Using the Transitive Property

Garrett Hall, Staff Writer

Oratory beat Dayton

Dayton beat Highland Park 

Highland Park beat Spotswood 

Spotswood beat Roselle 

Roselle beat Union Catholic 

Union Catholic beat Brearley

Brearley beat Weehawken

Weehawken beat Palisades Park 

Palisades Park beat Midland Park 

Midland Park beat Eastern Christian

Eastern Christian beat Bergen Charter 

Bergen Charter beat Ridgefield 

Ridgefield beat St. Joe’s Montvale 

St. Joe’s Montvale beat Hudson Catholic

Hudson Catholic beat North Bergen 

North Bergen beat Union City 

Union city tied SPF and Union City would have won if there were PKS

SPF beat Summit

Summit beat West Essex 

West Essex beat Milburn

Milburn beat West Orange 

West Orange beat Montclair 

Montclair tied SHP and Montclair would have won if there were PKS 

Therefore according to the transitive property of inequality  when Oratory play SHP they will beat them in PKS