OP Dismantles Paramus Catholic in State Tournament


Image courtesy of Oratory Prep

Emmett Gaffney, Staff Writer

Oratory earned themselves a state home game this year. Their opponent: Paramus Catholic. There was a lot of hype surrounding the game, as it was the state tournament, and the stands were expected to be filled with the Rowdies. 

Jack Cuddihy netted the first goal seemingly seconds into the game. It was a boot from inside midfield into the upper right of the net. The Rowdies went berserk. 

Pat Feit scored the second goal shortly after. By halftime, it was 4-0 Oratory. With the comfortable lead, senior Alex Fudenna subbed in for Terraciano in net, to the pleasure of the Rowdies. 

Paramus Catholic netted a goal in the second half, but OP added 3 more. By the end, it was an impressive 7-1 victory.

Andrew Van Hoven had 2 assists and a goal. Pat Feit finished with a goal and an assist. Andres Hernandez added a goal and 2 assists. Cuddihy, Maenpaa, Zapata, and Carrascosa each netted a goal. 

OP travels to Seton Hall Thursday in the second round of states.

It was a convincing win for Oratory, but I would not be doing journalistic justice if I did not mention the Rowdies. Speaking from firsthand experience, the atmosphere was electric and exactly what the school needed after nearly 18 months of fanless stands. The bleachers were brimming with fans from all grade levels. The chants were loud (including shoutouts to OP legends Mr. Parsells and Mr. Cranley) and funny and the baby powder was everywhere by the end of the game.

After the final whistle, the team sprinted to the stands, embracing the Rowdies– and being drenched in water (courtesy of the faculty room) in the process. 

As a senior, it was the most fun I have had at Oratory in a while. I cannot wait for basketball season.