Is Matt DeAngelis a Communist?


Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Brian Kelly, Staff Writer

Many allegations have been made against Matt Deaneglis claiming he is a communist. While many of these charges have convincing evidence, thus far it has only been circumstantial. In recent times, a photo has surfaced providing absolute proof that Matt Deangelis is indeed a red sympathizer. Below is the evidence:

In this picture, Matt Deangelis is clearly seen standing next to Prime Minister/President/KGB of Russia, Vladimir Putin, garbed in Chinese military attire. Behind him can be seen a state-of-the-art S-400 anti-missile battery driving in what appears to be a Russian military parade. If this evidence is not damning enough, when asked about whether he was a communist, Matt Deangelis responded with “yes.”  Of course, being a communist, Mr. Deangelis has treacherously accused me of being a communist, an allegation I categorically deny. For proof, below is a picture of me when I was in elementary school. Never trust a communist.