The Fabulous Four: Who the Candidates for Freshmen CEO really are!

George Fagan, Staff Writer

The freshmen CEO election has gotten heated, and four great people have great ideas to bring to the table. With Dominic Volepocelli being the favorite, but backing out, it’s anyone’s race now. The four people that are running are Brody Henderson, Joshua D’Cruz, Matthew McNamara, and Joseph DiRienzo. These four are all smart, athletic, bring great ideas, and have the characteristic of leadership. Now, let’s dive even deeper into what the four candidates’ real personality traits are and what they are really about.

Brody Henderson: Brody Henderson is one of the favorites of this strong group of four. He plays varsity soccer and is in all honors classes in his freshman year. He is quick to his feet, athletic, and would take into consideration anything the student body would ask. Brody Henderson cares a lot about this election, as he took time during class to make his clever and humorous posters to advertise what he is about. Henderson doesn’t just do it in the classroom, but on the baseball and soccer fields as well. This year, Henderson made varsity for the Oratory Prep soccer team. Never count out Henderson, and what he said in his and my interview was, “Vote for Brody Henderson.”

Matthew McNamara: Being in Matthew McNamara’s classes, I have noticed some great things about this smart young man. I have noticed that he is very clever, smart, and does not take these things as a freshman, but more so like a very successful businessman in his early twenties. He is definitely another candidate that can win this one. He would be great for the job because his personality traits display him as being very professional, very smart, and knowing about subjects of business that people are too young to understand. An example of him taking this election very seriously is taking his own time and printing out business cards to advertise himself and get people to vote for him. McNamara is believed to make a very big run, so watch out!

Joseph DiRienzo: Being an alumnus of St. Patrick School, I have gotten to be a friend of Joey’s for more than a decade. In that time, I have noticed that he never quits and is relentless. Joey always strives for greatness, and will always listen to his fellow peers and the suggestions they have. Joey always tries to outwork his opponents and could be one of the people that comes out of nowhere and wins this entire thing. At St. Patrick School, Joey was a two-time student council representative and did a very fantastic job at it. Joey always comes up with the best ideas and, again, has the leadership mentality. Joey DiRienzo never quits, so do not quit on him and consider voting for him.

Joshua D’Cruz: Last but certainly not least on this list is Josh D’Cruz. Josh certainly is not counted out of this race. Some say he might be the x-factor in this race. Josh’s strongest characteristic is the kindness and joy he brings to all of the classrooms he sits down in. Everyone might not know that he is running, but when they hear about it they will certainly take him into consideration to be the CEO. Josh is very smart and thinks about the bigger picture of things. Trust me, he is one of the strongest candidates. Watch out, because here comes Josh.