Oratory Prep Freshman Soccer October 19th and 20th Recap

Sean McEvoy, Staff Writer

The Oratory freshman soccer team has been through a lot. They were 1-6 before the game on Tuesday and Wednesday. The game that was on Tuesday was against Cranford who the team lost to earlier in the season 7-1. It seemed like a must-win game for the Rams as they searched for a victory. The team came out strong out the gate with crisp passes, looking for a goal to take the lead. Suddenly, in the first half, striker Taylor Modeski scored to make it 1-0 Oratory. That was the only shot scored for the first half as the Rams looked determined for the upset after the first half of play. The second half was a whole different story, as Cranford came out of the gate with a goal to tie the game and make it 1-1. There was no scoring for a while until Cranford struck another in the net to make it 2-1 Cranford. With not much time left, Oratory had to play aggressively and looked hungry to tie the game up. From an across and a deflection, Chris N heads the ball in the goal to tie the game 2-2 with under 5 minutes remaining. The game resulted in a tie 2-2 which Cranford did not expect after blowing out Oratory the first game. 

The next game on Wednesday was against Dayton who beat Oratory 1-0 the first game they played. Dayton came into the game 8-1-1, first in the division. As of now, the 1-6-1 Oratory Rams were looking to pull off the upset. As the whistle blew, the game was off to a bad start as Dayton scored two goals off the bat to make it 2-0. Later in the first half, Dayton scored a controversial no-offside call which led it to be 3-0 at halftime. At the start of the second half, Dayton scored again to make it 4-0. The Rams were not looking like the team they were yesterday. Coach Hughes was not happy with the team. Finally, toward the middle of the second half, striker Charlie Spiegel scored to make it 4-1; however, nothing good came after that as Dayton continued to pour it on and scored 3 more goals. The game ended 7-1 with a tough loss for Oratory. 

The team had their last home game of the season and now has one more remaining game left on the schedule against Union on October 27th. The freshman team looks to end the season with a victory after a rollercoaster two games this week. The team has a bright future ahead of them in these upcoming years and looks forward to winning many games.