2021 Dodgeball Recap


Arnav Chahal, Staff Writer

The 2021 dodgeball tournament was one for the decades.  With so many upsets and controversies, it was a sight to behold. The headliner of the tournament was Peel Team Six. They were the underdogs of the tournament and they managed to upset some of the best teams on their way to gold.  

However, easily one of the biggest debacles which was the largest reffing mistake since the no-call pass interference in the Rams vs Saints 2018 NFC championship. Shwerbe, the number 2 ranked team, faced off against TURR in the second round. However, the latter had 16 players instead of the regulation 12. However, none of the refs counted the number of players on the team and this resulted in Shwerbe losing.

Peel Team 6, however, upset the number 1 team Latin Bistro in a shootout. Alex Han on Latin Bistro made a diving catch but it was not enough to stop Peel Team Six from stomping them out of the tournament. Then they moved on to the most overrated team of the tournament which managed to turn up due to Jack Callandriello turning it up with some 100 MPH tosses. Ethan Fernandez and Jack Cuddihy were also cooking it. However, it seemed that it was not enough to stop John Bruzzeze, Xander Misrahi, and Angus Kupinas from defeating them.  Then in the finals, they faced a team of juniors under the leadership of Colin Fernandez.  

Colin Fernandez’s team of juniors held up the fight against Peel Team Six. However, when  Josh Costello fell to the ground, Peel Team Six regained new momentum and Brian Kelly started cooking and knocked out almost every other team member, leading his team to victory. This tournament was one of upsets and controversies and it will go down in the OP history books.