Senior Interview: Enzo Canali


Image courtesy of Men’s Health

Russell Nelson, Staff Writer

Recently, I sat down with beloved student-athlete Enzo Canali, best known for his towering stature and a slight resemblance to Bambi, to discuss the impact of getting a full workout in the weight room during gym class. “Point gahd Zo” Canali also makes significant contributions to both the varsity basketball and lacrosse teams during the winter and spring seasons respectively. Constantly playing year-round basketball, a big part of Enzo’s routine is making sure he stays active and in game shape. In years prior, the Class of 2022 has not had the luxury and opportunity to choose what activities they want to participate in for gym class. This year, however, we are able to choose between two of the seasonal games, or a weight room workout. Enzo is one of the proactive students choosing to get a quick pump in during the school day. Here are some of Enzo’s replies below.

Q: Is this option beneficial to you?

A: Definitely, the convenience of it is the biggest for me personally. Sometimes when I couldn’t get a workout in school, I had trouble getting myself one during the busy day, or even was just too tired.

Q: Have you noticed any results so far?

A: I’ve been getting my bench’s in, and I think it has been paying off” *proceeds to flex while saying ‘boom, boom, fiya-powa’*

Q: What about mentally?

A: Yeah actually, I just feel more relaxed after I workout and have an easier time focusing in class and being productive.

Q: Is the Quality of workout the same as at a real gym?

A: “I mean, I don’t think you can say it’s the same. Don’t get me wrong, the Oratory gym is nice but a real gym has more space and variety. But I don’t care about that, the Oratory gym has everything I need and more.”

After listening to Mr. Canali give such a positive review on using the weight room, I feel other seniors should consider trying to get a workout in during gym class. As Enzo pointed out, the benefits are clear. If this sounds enticing for you, wait for the next email from Mr. Maybe titled “VOTE” and you’ll be able to sign up there.