Ciaran Bowler: XC Star Interview

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

A blasting summer day. A cool fall afternoon. A cold and early 8 am practice. These are the (brutal) conditions I have gotten the privilege of experiencing in my first year of cross country, also known as XC. One particular person that everyone knows about on XC is Ciaran Bowler, our captain. Ciaran is the fastest runner on the XC team, after me of course. After I beat him in a race, which I have done multiple times, I decided to ask him a few questions. 

How have you liked your experience on OP XC?

It’s been great. It has been fulfilling. Kept me in great shape. Great group of guys that I’m glad to have been with me every step of the way. Great intro for me when I started my journey at OP. Gave me a great competitive outlook. “Fun” sport (Ciaran Bowler’s words, not mine).

What do you have to say to all the new members who will be joining XC in the future? 

Get ready to work and have fun. I will be completely honest, XC is possibly the most painful sport, but it is rewarding. All the guys on the team are supportive and have a great sense of humor. You create a great brotherhood that lasts forever. You get to develop good and tough mindfulness. Keep working every day and don’t take days off.

What do you have to say to people who call you “Drill Sergeant Bowler”? 

That’s their perspective of me, which I don’t consider bad. I push these guys to get better every day, and yes, that might include me yelling at them. Another reason they might call me this is because I will be joining the military, but I don’t really pay attention to what they say, whether it’s good or bad.

What does the future hold for yourself as a XC runner?

I don’t think I’m gonna do XC in college. Depends on where I go to college. Might do track which I also enjoy, but this might be the end of my XC career.