Source Code Leaked Along with Streamer Payouts

Ahadu Kebede, Staff Writer

This Wednesday, the popular video game streaming platform suffered a massive leak at the hands of an anonymous 4chan user. The leak included approximately 128 gigabytes of twitch source code used to run the platform, along with user data. Fortunately, while the passwords were leaked, they were all encrypted. But, with this in mind, it’s still good practice for anyone with a Twitch account to:

  1. Turn on two-factor authentication
  2. Change your passwords
  3. Change your stream key

The 4chan user who claimed credit for this leak proclaimed his motivation for doing this was “to foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space.” Although millions of passwords were leaked to the public, what people seem to be focused on is the fact that, whoever this anonymous hacker was, leaked the payouts of every streamer on the platform in the last 9 years with the top 3 earners being CriticalRole (not to be confused with cr1tikal), XQC, and summit1g. Making 9.6, 8.5, and 5.8 million dollars respectively.

It’s unknown how this leak will affect Twitch’s parent company: Amazon. Facebook, a company that was also a victim of the leaks, saw their stock prices tank after the leaks; however, for Amazon, it seems to be the opposite, with their stock price going up 13.42% in the past 5 days.