Zebra Runs Wild in Streets of Tennessee


Image courtesy of WIBR.com

Joseph Sannito, Staff Writer

In the early morning hours of May 7, a zebra escaped an exotic animal auction in Prescott, Tennessee. 9-1-1 was called at around 4 am to call for help, as the zebra was on the run. It would end up taking a whole three hours for the employees of the Triple W Livestock Auction and the police to get a hold of the beast. The zebra went on a rampage trotting on the local highway and around an elementary school. 

During the pursuit, many of the officers on hand were shocked and annoyed by the situation making comments such as, “This is getting ridiculous” and “Can we Just tase it and be done with it?” There was even a point during the escapade where an officer tried to lasso the zebra claiming that he had “roped a couple horses in his day”, but it would later prove that his lasso abilities on a horse would not translate to a zebra as they are apparently much more nimble. By 7:15 am the cops were able to finally get hold of the animal and return it to its owner with no injury to the pursuers or the zebra. 

Although an escaped zebra is a rather shocking occurrence in the US, it is not entirely impossible as Tennessee is among the few states that allow for zebras to be owned. Being that this is now possible and becoming a problem it may be smart for the Prescott police force of Tennessee to develop a specific course of action in case another Zebras runs wild. Most places have mice, or deer as their pests, but in Tennessee, they have zebras.