A Quiet Place Part II: Is it Worth the Watch?

Mathew Yeager, Staff Writer/Co-Editor

Last Thursday, A Quiet Place Part II came out in theaters and, although I did not recall much from the first movie, I decided to go see it. For those who are unaware, A Quiet Place Part II is the sequel to its critically acclaimed predecessor, A Quiet Place, and expands on the elements that made its original narrative so unique. It is a horror/thriller movie directed by John Krasinski (Yes, Jim from The Office), and follows a family who must live life in silence to avoid otherworldly creatures. For the rest of the review, I will be talking about mild spoilers, so read at your own discretion. 

Let me start the review by saying this: the cinematography in this movie is fantastic, especially towards the end of the film. John Krasinski is the sole director and writer of this movie and was able to affirm himself as a serious filmmaker despite his limited experience. Given that this film has significantly less dialogue compared to other movies, Krasinski had to reintroduce and expand on the world that he had created through the technique of “show, not tell”, which, in many cases, can be a very difficult concept for movies to pull off. I was very happy to see that Krasinski was able to demonstrate this technique very well with the help of the talented actors/actresses that played key roles in this movie. Emily Blunt, the actress who plays the mother of the family, really stood out the most in this movie and made the viewing experience much more enjoyable. The kid actors and the new additions to the cast pulled off solid performances as well. The only critique I have on this movie, in my opinion, is that it failed to create tension in some of its early scenes which made those moments quite dull. However, the ending makes up for this and delivers a tense and dramatic finish, although a bit abrupt. As for the plot, I would say that it is as good as the original. The beginning of this movie started with a prologue to the events of the first movie, which ended up being very interesting and engaging, and as the story progressed, tension rose, creating a climactic and enthralling ending. Overall, the movie was very enjoyable and I recommend anyone who was a fan of the original to go see it.