What Oratory Thinks of the New Joke of the Day Teller


Image courtesy of 99.9 The Bay

Brian Kelly, Staff Writer

Since its inception at Oratory Prep, the joke of the day has become a staple of the morning announcements, with OP having its fair share of great comedians.  Giants of the joke, including Patrick Tobin, Chris Kraemer, and most recently, Will Heffernan, have scarcely failed to evoke a laugh from even the sulkiest of souls.  With the Moving on/Moving up ceremony now passed, and the former joke bearer now going on to a higher calling, a new champion has taken the intercom, namely, Gary Saitta.  With the joke of the day being such an important component of the school’s vitality, I have taken it upon myself to investigate how the Oratory community views the tomfoolery of this new funnyman.  Below are some of the questions I asked students on the subject.  


Interview with Alex Fudenna

  •  “How do you think Gary stacks up against previous morning joke tellers?”
  1. “Better than Heff, worse than Kraemer”
  • “What percentage of Gary’s jokes would you say are knee slappers?”
  1. “20%”

Interview with Aidan Reed

  • Has Gary ever elicited a hearty belly laugh from you with one of his jokes?
  1. “I’d be lying if I said yes, so no”
  • Are Gary’s setups or punch lines a stronger part of his joke-telling game?
  1. “Set-ups”
  • What part of Gary’s presentation style is most conducive to laughter?
  1. “His energy and tone”

Interview with Jack Cuddihy

  • Do Gary’s morning jokes have a tangible effect on your happiness the rest of your day?


  •  Is Gary more or less funny outside of his official joke-telling during the morning announcements?

Gary is typically funnier outside of the joke of the day”

  • How would you rate Gary’s humor, on a scale of 1-10?

“Like a 4”


All around, it seems like Oratory has a quite positive opinion on how Gary has done thus far as the morning joke teller.