OP Tennis

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, the tennis season is just beginning. Oratory Tennis went to counties this past week and did fairly well! 

The OP Tennis varsity roster consists of:

1st Singles – Arnav Chahal

2nd Singles – Nicholas Carnevale 

3rd Singles – Matt Clark

1st Doubles – Christian Sorrentino and Thomas Donofrio

2nd Doubles – Colin Reis and Joshua Jones

Arnav is one of our strongest players and shows it on the court. Nick is a graduating senior who has shown his prowess during the past four years. Matt is a rising senior who is becoming a great player and has been improving every day. Christian is a graduating senior and Thomas is a rising senior who both work very well together and have great chemistry. Josh is a freshman and I am a sophomore, and while both of us are the only underclassmen on the team, we prove that tennis is a game of skill, not of age.