What Are Rising Seniors Most Excited For?


Image courtesy if Universities Visitors Network

Emmett Gaffney, Staff Writer/Co-Editor

The annual Moving On, Moving Up Ceremony is in the past. The seniors are gone and the (current) juniors are set to be the leaders of the school. Senior year is supposed to be the most fun year, or so they say. Graduation, Prom, Senior trip, and getting out early are just a few of the highlights for 4th-year students. Let’s take a survey of some of the upcoming seniors to see what they are most excited for as their junior year is coming to an end.

Brian Kelly- “Leaving” was what he initially said. However, I had to channel my inner reporter to elicit more from the tight-lipped BK. So, he added probably the most cliché statement ever: “Being the new leaders of the school.” Thanks, BK.

Alex Fudenna- To be able to drive myself to school and my senior soccer season.

Jake DeGuzman- I hope to go back to some form of normalcy next year. I also hope for there to be a prom. *Fudenna seconded the idea of the prom upon overhearing Jake mention it.*

Jack Wilson- I am most excited for my senior hockey season and lacing them up with the boys one last time.

Joe Sannito- I am excited to apply to colleges and the senior privileges like cutting the lunch line.

Matt “Tuna” Terraciano- I am most excited for the Rowdies to be back.

Emmett Gaffney- Ditto what Matt said. I am ready to get Rowdy again. I want the soccer bleachers packed, I want baby powder, I want DeGaeta packed to the brim with Rowdies. This is my last go around and you can be the family farm we are getting Rowdy like no other year.

Rising seniors, this is our last year (time really does fly) at OP. Hopefully, we can go back to normalcy with a prom, full graduation, a senior trip, and most importantly, the Rowdies.