Senior Interview With Lucas Pavlounis


Colin Reis, Staff Writer

For the senior class, their time at OP is coming to an end. When the guys in my grade think of graduating, most are like, “Finally, high school is over.” As a senior, however, you actually might think differently. I got to talk with a friend of mine I have known since I started at OP in 7th grade, Lucas Pavlounis. I got to ask Lucas a few things since it is his last days at OP before he graduates and moves onto bigger things at Carnegie Mellon


  1. What will you miss most at OP?
  2. Any people you want to shout out? 
  3. Favorite memory at OP?
  4. Any advice or what do you want to say to students at OP?
  5. Finally thoughts of OP?


1. I’ll definitely miss the people at Oratory more than anything. The relationships I’ve made over the past 6 years have definitely been the best part of my time here. 


2. Shoutout to Mrs. Pasnik for being my Oratory mom since freshman year. 


3. Probably any of the basketball games over the years. The Rowdies never disappoint. 


4. I would tell a student to try and stop and appreciate the friends they have and all the special moments they’ve experience because high school goes by too fast. 


5. Thanks for being my home for the past 6 years. I’ll definitely remember this place for the rest of my life. 

I want to thank Lucas for his time and, more importantly, congratulate him on graduating. Best of luck at CMU!