Mighty Ducks: Game Changers: Gordon Bombay Returns!


Image courtesy of IMBd

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

For hockey fans, and even sports fans, Mighty Ducks is a classic–a true underdog story. Starting with the first movie of the Mighty Ducks franchise is, you guessed it, The Mighty Ducks. Similar to the show, the first movie takes place during Gordon Bombay’s time as a lawyer. He’s actually a great lawyer, but hockey has been a passion of his for a long time. He was an extremely skilled hockey player, but loved the game even more. One of the reasons was when he missed the game-winning shot on his former team, the Hawks. The Hawks were a powerhouse team that only cared about winning. Not to say only wanting winning to win is bad, but as a hockey player myself, you want to improve as a player and have a fun, especially when young. Gordon Bombay wasn’t shown that when he was on the Hawks.

Anyway, while Gordon was being a lawyer, he got caught drinking and driving. His punishment was not only being suspended from his job, but he had to do 500 hours of community service! The 500 hours of community service he had to do was coach the team D, which to say the least was a VERY weak team. Not only did he hate hockey but he also hated kids. Now I’m not going to give away much more but as the story goes on, we see how these kids actually help Gordon Bombay return to the thing he missed: hockey. We then see how Gordon Bombay changes to Coach Bombay. We then also see how good of a coach he is and helps the players on his team become better at hockey (so more than others) but in a fun and smart way, unlike the Hawks. 

Now you might be wondering, how does this relate to Mighty Ducks: Game Changers? Once again, Gordon Bombay is back in the action. And once again, he has lost the passion and love for the game of hockey. Something happened after his time with the Ducks. You may be asking, “What happened?!” Guess you will have to watch the show to find out!