2021 New York Mets Preview Featuring Mr. Kaounis


Image courtesy of Amazin’ Avenue

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

As the MLB season approaches, it is time to gear up your brains for a full 162. I wanted to know more about one of the hotter teams in baseball– the New York Mets. The Mets have had their ups and downs in the past, but this is a time for new beginnings. A new owner in Steve Cohen, President of Baseball Ops in Sandy Alderson, and face of the franchise in Francisco Lindor highlight the blue and orange heading into 2021. I myself am not a huge baseball fan nor a Mets fan. But I do know someone who is… I got the pleasure of talking with one of OP’s finest teachers, Mr. Kaounis, about how the Mets will fare this year. 

I asked Mr. K these questions: 

  1. How is the pitching looking for the Mets?
  2. What is a weakness for the team?
  3. What do you expect from the Mets this season?
  4. Who would you say are the top three players on this year’s squad?
  5. Who will be a tough opponent for the Mets?
  6. If the season does not go well, could there be changes for the organization?

Here’s what Mr. Kaiounis had to say:

  1. The pitching is good. We have about 7 starting pitchers. It gives us more rotation, flexibility, and times for guys to rest. 
  2. Our defense is not good. Some positions in the field are weaker than others, which hurts us. Overall, the defense could and should be better. The additions of SS Francisco Lindor (platinum glove winner) and James “McCannon” McCann will certainly help the Met’s defense up the middle, which has plagued them in years past.
  3. I expect 95 plus wins. They should be a contender for 1st place in the division. The NL East is tough, however. The Braves were a win away from the World Series, the Nats won it all in 2019, and the Phillies look good too.
  4. The top three players in my opinion are Pete Alonso, Francis Lindor, and Dominic Smith. Jacob degrom is with those guys as well, but he is a pitcher so he isn’t playing every day. 
  5. A tough opponent for us will be the Braves. They have a solid lineup top to bottom featuring 2020 NL MVP Freddie Freeman and young stars in Acuna and Albies.
  6. We just got a new owner so I expect good things. If the season does not go well, a possible change could be GM or manager. 

We will see how the 2021 Mets play in their first season with Steve Cohen at the helm. Will the star-studded lineup and high-potential rotation carry the Mets to a playoff appearance? Or will the high expectations get to them? We shall see…