The Best Show You’ve Never Seen


Image courtesy of The Today Show

Anthony Millan, Staff Writer

Arrested Development debuted on Fox in 2003 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Although the show did not have high viewership, it was unanimously agreed among TV critics that the show was hilarious. The show is centered around the Bluth family– a family of narcissists who are so unaware of how they affect other people except themselves– and their own downfall. 

The premise of the show is there is a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son (Michael Bluth) who has to keep them together. This is the blueprint for what I believe, is the funniest show on Netflix, and dare I say, on television. This is my favorite television show that I have ever seen, and I will die on this hill. The Office is overrated, Parks and Rec is just good, and why would I ever watch Friends? Arrested Development is the only TV you need in your life for so many reasons.

  1. This show has the best ensemble cast I have ever seen, with all the performances being hilarious – with highlights from Will Arnett, Michael Cera, and Jason Bateman – just to name a few. The Office has a great cast too, but it doesn’t even compare, because if we’re being honest, Steve Carell carries the entire show and we all know it. However, Arrested Development is not carried by a single character by any means, with everyone adding to it comically.
  2. The show is not afraid to compromise the storyline for comedy. Arrested Development’s main focus is not its storyline,  although being a big part– the focus is to make the viewers laugh. This is accomplished, by any means necessary, even if drastically changing the storyline, leading to many absurd jokes, that I love. Other shows like The Office didn’t have the freedom to do this, suffering because of it.
  3. Finally, it is the most rewatchable show I have ever seen. The writers knew what they wanted to with this show from the beginning, and if you watch it a second time, you realize they hint at major plot points before they even happen, and they do the same with jokes. It adds an extra layer of hilarity, giving you a reason to re-watch this show. Why would you re-watch The Office, what do you get from it?

Overall, I’m right and if anyone disagrees with this, they’re wrong.