That’s A Lot of Cheese…


Matthew Werner, Staff Writer

Cheese has become a staple in almost every culture. In America, millions of people incorporate cheese into their daily meals. Think about it. You could wake up and have cream cheese on a bagel, then have a ham and swiss sandwich for lunch, and finally enjoy some spaghetti and meatballs with shredded parmesan cheese. Many people may not even realize how much cheese they consume. 

Interestingly, dairy farmers are predicting that fans watching the Superbowl will consume 20 million pounds of cheese. That’s a lot of cheese for just one night. Also, due to this prediction, cheese sales have surged to 13% higher than average amid the pandemic. According to Google trends, the most eaten items on Superbowl Sunday that include cheese are nachos, cheese balls, sliders, cheeseburgers, and queso dip. 

Not only has cheese become a popular food in America, but a new study shows that it also improves a person’s health and longevity. A new study from Iowa State University reports that certain foods including cheese may prevent cognitive decline in the later years of a person’s life. Even though this project studied many foods, it concluded that “Their most significant finding was that cheese is the food that seemed to provide the most protection against cognitive decline and daily consumption of alcohol, especially red wine, appeared to improve cognitive function.”  

Well, you heard them, cut into a wheel of cheese and uncork your favorite bottle of red wine because you can now say that, “I am consuming cheese and red wine to help your brain and cognitive function.” Only if you are over the age of 21, of course.