Are Virtual Days the New Snow Days?


Image courtesy of the Star Tribune

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

The past two days, February 1 and February 2, have been snow days for many. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a snow day? But the real “worry” for us teens may be the fact that we will never have these blessings again. Maybe not, but, the concern is that snow days will be less frequent with the availability of Google Meets, Zoom, and many more streaming platforms that allow us to do school from home.

We do have to consider how intense these snowstorms can be, such as these two past days. It has been a while since we have had harsh conditions from the snow. Since there was the chance of losing power or connection, we had a full snow day. I, like many other students, enjoyed it and missed having a full snow day. With minor snowstorms, virtual days will be likely. This is more common since we have these minor snowstorms fairly often in New Jersey. Will the next generation of students know what a true snow day is?