What Skiing Looks Like during Coronavirus


Image Courtesy of: https://images.app.goo.gl/ikk1BwmLJneFXMAK6

Thomas Coder, Staff Writer/Co-Editor

It’s no doubt that the weather has taken a cold turn in the recent month, and a common thought is once again occurring in many people’s heads: skiing. That being said, Coronavirus is still present, and it is not in a ski resort’s best interest to blatantly disregard precautions for it. Hence, skiing in 2020 will certainly look different, however we are fortunate to at least enjoy it, unlike the end of last season, which was cut very short. 

The first and most widespread precaution are the mask mandates. Everyone within the boundaries of the ski resort must wear a mask at all times. Luckily, this won’t be a precaution that is too foreign to skiers, as many skiers naturally wear face coverings to protect themselves from the cold weather and wind. People within restaurants of the Ski Resort will need to be socially distanced as well. 

 A second precaution, and a more inconvenient one, is that people only from the same party will be on lift rides together. This could slow down lift rides, because it will hinder efficiency. Under this mandate, a singular person could have an entire chair or Gondola dedicated just to him, if he is skiing solo. 

The days of just showing up to the mountain are also over, unfortunately. Now, all mountains musat require reservations for days to go skiing. This will ensure that the mountains can constantly operate at 50% capacity, making things like social distancing all the more achievable. This 50% capacity will mitigate the effect of single party lift rides, but it will also make actual skiing more difficult, because of how much in advance you have to plan it. 

A large improvement to ticket booking is the increased amount of buyer protection that is now present. Now, with Resorts ready to close completely should the government demand them to, they know that ticket purchasing confidence is at an all time low. For this reason, they are offering refunds should the mountain close. 

One surprise among ski resorts is that both rental programs and ski schools are still operating. Rental programs will be as socially distanced as possible, with additional sanitation of all rented equipment. Ski School will operate as well, however all participants must undergo a health screening every morning before it.