An Interview with Recent Boston College Accept

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Jason Chacon, Staff Writer

Q: So Thomas first and foremost, congrats on BC. Has this been your dream college from day 1 or did the college process sort of make you fall in love with BC?

A: I never had a ‘dream college’ but as i thought about what i really wanted in a school I wanted something really big with a nice campus and BC fit the criteria.

Q: When was the first time you ever heard of BC, was it a college fair or maybe an online email?

A: My brother and sister both considered it so that was the first time I ever heard about it. Fun fact i didnt tell my parents that I was ED to BC.

Q: What kind on major are you interested in at BC and do you have any other plans for after college?

A: Right now I want to major in history and combine that with a law degree. I have no future plans at the moment but I hope to find my inspiration when im at college.

Q: Since you finally got into college have you stayed as vigilant in the classroom or do you think maybe your a little more relaxed and less diligent when it comes to your school work?

A: I am nowhere near where I used to be.

Q: What about BC really made you want to ED there?

A: I knew it would be a challenge to get in, the campus is really nice and I have heard nothing but good things about BC. Boston is also a great city.

Q: If you had to do everything over again as far as the college process goes, would you do everything the same?

A: Yeah, I have no regrets and I worked as hard as I could.

Q: Do you have any family who graduated or attended BC in the past?

A: No, I am a first generation BC student.