Seniors’ Take on the Upcoming Hockey Season


Image courtesy of Oratory Prep

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

Excitement is high as the Oratory hockey season approaches. For some, it will be their first year donning the blue and gold. However, and more importantly, it will be the last time our seniors will toe the ice for Oratory. I spoke with all the seniors and asked a couple of questions. 


I asked the following questions to this year’s seniors:

  1. What is your fondest memory from OP puck?
  2. What are you most excited about this season?
  3. What are you going to miss? 

Will Moran

  1.  Senior night and team hang-sessions. 
  2.  Winning the conference
  3.  Winning games and bus rides with the boys, but most importantly the brotherhood

Michael Crapser

  1. Scoring a hat trick and beating Nutley in the first round of the Kelly Cup playoffs last year
  2. Play for the Kelly Cup.
  3. Hanging out with all the guys on and off the ice. 

Tom Lamonte

  1. Hanging with the boys 
  2. Winning the Kelly Cup 
  3.  Some of the finest lads at OP, including Mark Jacobello, Niles “The Beast” V, and Blaine “and the” chestnuts 

Connor Keaveney

  1. Good times with the boys
  2. Hopefully having a season and being able to get the chance to compete for the Kelly Cup.
  3. Being able to play with and “ferda” boys.

Brendan McGovern

  1. Winning the game at Frisch to win the division and blasting “God’s Plan” in the locker room post-game. 
  2. Play Oratory hockey for my fourth season and skate with my teammates one last time. I am also excited to win our division again. 
  3. The time I spent with the team on and off the ice. On the ice, we had fun and played a tough game. Off the ice, we were brothers who enjoyed bus rides, team bonding, and memories in school. 

Luke Jacobello

  1. Beating Morristown in my sophomore year on Senior Night.
  2. Getting to compete and win the Kelly Cup with the boys.
  3. The brotherhood that is OP Puck. I will miss everything from practices to team dinners and bonding activities

Colby Livingston

  1. Winning the OP JV Puck championship.
  2. Getting after it with the boys.
  3. The energy that OP Puck has.


These are all a bunch of great guys who will miss being at OP– and OP will miss them too.