Among Us’ Rise to Popularity

Image courtesy of Among Us

Image courtesy of Among Us

Grant Raincsuk, Staff Writer

If you’ve been on the internet, or even just attended school, then you’ve probably heard of a game called Among Us.  If you have somehow not heard of the game, or don’t really know what it is, I’ll provide a brief explanation.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a multiplayer, social deduction-based game that involves cartoon astronauts, known as “Crewmates,” who perform various tasks around a spaceship (or two different settings).  While the Crewmates go around the map and complete tasks, one or more aliens who appear as Crewmates, known as “Impostors,” go around acting as a Crewmate by seeming to do tasks, but they’re mainly trying to kill off the Crew in order to win.  Impostors can do other things besides killing that differ them from Crewmates, such as traveling through vents/holes in the ground, sabotaging different facilities in order to cause distractions or detriment the Crew in some way, or close doors.  Crewmates are able to call meetings if they find and report a body (Impostors can report bodies as well) or call an emergency meeting, a time where the Crew and Impostor(s) talk amongst themselves in order to vote out the Impostors.  Talking is ONLY allowed during these meetings, so communication (and deceptive communication) is crucial in this game.  The Crew wins either by voting out the last Impostor or completing all their tasks (Crewmates who are dead continue to do their tasks as ghosts), while the Impostors win by killing enough Crewmates, or by sabotaging the map in a way that causes the Crew to die if it’s not handled in time. 


From what you may know or now know about the game, it’s easy to see the appeal to the game.  Being able to try to piece together a murder mystery as a Crewmate, or to stealthily eliminate other players in real-time as an Impostor are both very fun.  The simplicity and accessibility of the game also benefit it.  The game is available for a cheap price on Windows, at only $5, and it’s also available for mobile for free, which makes it much easier to play with other people.  The fact that the game is relatively easy to learn (but harder to master) allows new players to get into the game easily.  


The game’s sudden appearance may lead you to believe that the game was released somewhat recently, maybe sometime in the past few months, but that would be incorrect.  The game actually released on mobile in early 2018 and on computer in late 2018.  The game’s dormancy inactivity was due to the game being relatively unknown, partially due to the lack of advertising for it.  The game experienced its major burst in popularity this summer, as it became popular on streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, informing millions of people about the game.


So, does the game hold up to the hype?  I’ll give my own input on the game.

The Review & Experiences

Among Us is a very unique game for me, as there’s no way of “finishing” the game and it has a lot of replayability.  Each round is its own experience, with a lot of different things that can happen during a round that makes the game a lot of fun.  This makes gameplay unique, even if it’s relatively simple.  The graphics/art of the game is simple, but charming, which seems to appeal to a lot of people, including myself.  While there isn’t much going on with music or story, the other aspects (mostly gameplay) is what really defines the game.  The game would definitely get somewhere from a nine or a ten from me, as it has provided me and others with a lot of fun and good memories.  


While the game may be slightly less popular than it was a month or two ago, I believe that it will still be popular for a while, as the developers constantly add new updates, and it’s going to be a while before anyone gets bored of the game.