Voice of the Unheard


Image Courtesy of: https://www.cnbc.com/2020-elections

Aidan Philbrick, Staff Writer

In a night filled with nervous excitement and high tensions, millions of high school and elementary school students around the nation watch to see if their favorite candidate will win. However, to their great dismay, no matter how many flags they have in their room nor the number of times they post on their social media, their voice will make little to no difference in this presidential election. Now more than ever the children of America, seventeen and younger, are voicing their political opinions to one another with great passion and pride without realizing how in the grand scheme of things it really could not matter less. To say that the adults of America will be moved by what a high school girl posts on their Instagram or the campaign stickers/clothing of a young boy is simply false. I do personally believe that each and every person should have a voice regardless of their age, however, today’s youth is just simply all bark and no bite. With little to no credibility in their claims and lack of education on any of the issues going on in the country and the world, the stance they take is not backed by facts but the popularity of their peers. Fortunately, at a school like Oratory Prep, I do very much believe that we are taught to educate ourselves and mold our opinions and claims based on facts and research. Like Oratory, there is always the possibility that there are some exceptions to this “blind movement”, however, as wise as we are, we are not the majority. In my personal opinion, the youth as a collective should take this election and use it to educate themselves so that they know what to look for in regards to certain issues they are passionate about and how to make actual change. Overall, it would be untrue to say that youth involvement in politics is a bad thing, it just needs to be done in the right way. As mentioned before, we need to instill the “Oratory way” into more of today’s youth and encourage others to form their own opinions based on solid research and verifiable evidence, and not simply spew out whatever we hear from someone else.