Trump vs. Biden: A Non-Political Comparison


Image Courtesy of: Urban Milwaukee

Logan Drone, Staff Writer

The time has finally come. The highly anticipated 2020 Presidential Election is finally underway between Republican and current President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. Now, instead of writing the typical article comparing the beliefs and political views of Biden and Trump, I wanted to focus more on the objective aspects of both candidates and compare the two. For example, I’ll be looking into the names of both candidates and decide which person has the better name — questions like these will be the norm under this article. Let’s get cracking!

Q1: Which candidate has the better first name?

This one is a close one. Biden’s name, Joe, is a generic one but with it comes the “Joe Mama” jokes. Those are always comical. On the other side, we have Donald, which gives me some remembrance of Donald Duck as a kid. For that reason, I think Trump has a slight edge over Biden on this one. 

Q2: Which candidate has a better slogan?

Trump’s slogan this year is “Keep America Great”. Short and sweet to say the least. This slogan does a great job of relating back to Trump’s slogan in 2016, which was “Make America Great Again”. In 2020, Biden’s slogan is “Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead”. Biden does a great job looking into the future and providing reassurance to his supporters. Although influential and hopeful, I have to give Trump the edge on this one because of the short and inspiring nature of keeping America the successful country it’s been

Q3: Which candidate has a more likable face?

Both candidates have smiles that can lighten anyone’s day. After looking between the two, I believe Biden has a much more genuine smile compared to Trump. Biden, with straighter and white teeth than Trump, gives off a more likable vibe than Trump, giving him the edge in this one. 

Q4: Which candidate has a better logo?

Here is where we see the creative juices flow. Both candidates utilize the American colors in their logos for the 2020 election, which is pivotal to gaining the respect of Americans. Trump uses a more American background with the color navy filling in the back. Trump also has stars along the border of his logo, which is a fantastic touch. However, with all of those positives, Biden’s simplistic logo gives him the edge in this one. With the “DE” in Biden shaping an American flag, Biden’s logo prevails in this one. 

To conclude, this election is one-of-a-kind. Where American needs a leader to keep the country intact, either candidate will do that just well. Be sure to stay tuned to see who America’s next leader will be for the next 4 years!