Kanye West…Rapper…Designer…President??


Image Courtesy of: New York Times

Matthew Werner, Staff Writer

In this election, many people have picked their candidate, whether it be Donald Trump or Joe Biden. However, if people do not like their current choices, there is always KANYE WEST. Yep, that’s right Kanye West is on the ballot for President of the United States in a few states. 

Interestingly enough, Kanye West announced his run for the presidency via Twitter on July 4, 2020. Even though he has supported Trump in the past, West has decided to run against Trump and Biden. However, many understand that Kanye West is not a serious candidate. Some wild conspiracy theories suggest that Kanye’s run was hatched by President Trump to help him defeat Joe Biden. However, this can be debunked for several reasons. One is that Kanye’s view and idealogy are closely aligned with Trump compared to Biden. Also, Kanye West has not been able to garner support to affect any candidate. 

Even though Kanye West might not be a serious Presidential candidate, he did manage to get his name on the ballot in some states. Additionally, West managed to receive 60,000 votes as of 8 AM on November 4. Here are the states and votes Kanye West received this cycle:

Arkansas: 4,040

Colorado: 6,127

Idaho: 3092

Iowa: 3,197

Kentucky: 6,259

Louisiana: 4,894

Minnesota: 7654

Mississippi: 3,117

Oklahoma: 5,590

Tennessee: 10,195

Utah: 4,311

Vermont: 1,255 

Interestingly enough, West has been able to get his name on the ballot in 12 states. Some of the states are the battleground states which both Trump and Biden have been working hard to rally support behind their party. The battleground states that West managed to get his name on the ballot were Minnesota and Iowa. 

Some of Kanye West’s key issues revolve around religion. West is a reborn Christan and is extremely religious. He calls for a revival of the faith and believes our country needs to come back to God. Additionally, Kanye West is pushing for more economic stability for all. West believes that the new policy needs to be enacted to reduce household debt. Furthermore, Kanye West is a supporter of better education for inner-cities and poorer areas. 

Even though Kanye West was able to get his name on the ballot and a few thousand votes, he will have little to no impact on the election of 2020. Surprisingly, Kanye West has managed to raise $11.5 million to fund his campaign. However… $10.3 million was his own money. All in all, it is fun, shocking, and different to watch someone like Kanye West run for the highest office in the land.