A First Time Voter’s Perspective


John Dawidoicz, Staff Writer

The 2020 election is the only election that I have ever had to pay attention to in my life. I say this because it is the first one that I was able to vote in. I am not going to be discussing who I voted for or who my friends find to be better. The ballot that we had to fill out was one of the most confusing things I have ever done. One of the things that I asked, and it still confuses me today is why do I even have to vote. Why does my vote matter if NJ is a blue state? That is something that just confuses me so much. There were also names on the ballot of people I have never even heard of. 

The biggest thing that made this whole voting experience bad for me was that I didn’t want to tell anyone who I voted for. Everyone would constantly come up to me asking who I voted for, and I would lie and tell them that I didn’t vote so I wouldn’t have to listen to their criticism. I would hear everyday people talking about how one of the candidates is worse than the other and anyone that would vote for them is wrong. That is why I don’t want to talk about who I voted for. 

Overall the whole voting experience was a crazy one. Between the mail-in ballots and the constant criticizing of the two candidates, it was an awful one as well. In all honesty, I don’t even know if I will participate in the next election just because of the fact that a vote could ruin something like a friendship,  and I don’t want that to happen to me.