You’re Never Safe: The Untold Story of Georgetown’s Recent Crime Escapade


Image courtesy of ABC News

Joseph Sannito, Staff Writer

As the seasons shift from summer to fall, you feel the brisk autumn weather set in. The September summer weather drifts away only to return again next year. As the summer turns to fall and then winter, we feel the warm air leave along with the sense of safety. No longer do we have the sun to protect us from the elements, and as people realize our natural security is fading, the panic and fear of what’s to come sets in. All hope of control is gone, and chaos slowly but surely seeps in. “There is no such thing as control only chaos.” – Jughead Jones. 

To most of us, Georgetown University is considered prestigious for its rigorous academics and beautiful campus. Located in Washington D.C, it’s a perfect place to live, a true storybook town, until now. As of last week, a series of unforeseen crimes have violated the District. The scenarios are sourced to us by OP Alumnus Nick Sannito, Class of 2019, who now attends Georgetown. The first time horror began to fill the gutters of Georgetown’s streets was last week. A female student was walking home late at night to her dorm when she was attacked. An assailant described to be a white male, in a grey hoodie, walked up to the young woman and tried to steal her purse. When the young lady refused, she would soon regret her decision. The attacker struck her arm with what we assume to be a knife. One of Nick’s roommates, who wishes to remain classified, met with the poor victim the next day, and described her wound as a “nasty gash.” However, this is not the only situation that occurred, for, within only a two day period, there was another assault. Another female student was ambushed on the streets. According to a witness she was mugged and had her phone stolen. The terror does not end here as there was another debacle within the same time frame. A Georgetown resident was attacked this time. During the late afternoon, a man showed up at his doorstep and demanded money. Of course, our resident said, “no,” but the offender had other plans. In what we assume to be a fit of rage the man pulled out a gun and shot through the window of the resident’s home. Overall, none of the assailants were caught. Even when we think we are safe we are not, who thought a town like Georgetown would be the setting for crime. “Life’s not an Agatha Christie Novel. It’s a whole lot messier.” – Jughead Jones. 

In an interview with Nick Sannito, I asked him how he felt about the whole situation, “Do you feel safe?” Nick responded simply, “I don’t feel safe at all. The character of our city is deteriorating like how an apple slice browns in the open air. Not only has every instant sent a chill down my spine, but every day seems to grow colder and darker.” When asked if he had ever experienced anything like this before, he said, “No, this is the first time since I’ve lived around here.” Lastly I asked him if he had any feeling about whether the crimes were connected, and he said, “absolutely I do.” Nick and his roommates have bestowed this criminal the name Dodger, for he dodges the law and escapes with no traces behind the shadow of a broken city.