Minecraft comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!


Image courtesy of Minecraft.net

Grant Raincsuk, Staff Writer


Minecraft, the best selling game of all time, is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 13th!  The crossover features four different playable characters, featuring default skins Steve and Alex, and the mobs Zombie and Enderman.  The crossover was revealed on October 1st, to everyone’s surprise.


In case you don’t know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the latest installment in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise.  In Smash, characters from various games fight against each other, creating a lot of different combinations that you wouldn’t expect.  In recent years, the franchise has hosted characters not just from Nintendo games, but from third-party games as well.  As Minecraft has been on multiple platforms such as the 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch, it wasn’t too much of a shock that this would be a possibility.


The characters are paid DLC for the game, either paid separately for just the character, unique stage, and other cool things that come with the bundle, or part of the Fighters Pass 2, a collection of five different DLC playable fighters.  The characters are the second part of the pass, following Min Min, a character from the Nintendo game, Arms.  With a franchise as big as Minecraft only being the second part of a DLC bundle out of five, I’m excited to see what the other characters will be, and if they’d manage to be even more impressive than Minecraft Steve (and others) being added in.