10th Grade Student Council Preview


Colin Reis, Staff Writer

 As the month of October approaches, a very important election for the 10th grade is soon to come. This student council election determines who will become the 10th grade CEO. Now last year’s CEO for the class of 23’ was Chris Cowell. Will Chris become CEO again this year? It’s hard to say. I was able to interview a candidate who will be running for his first time, Mathew Yeager. I got to speak with him for a bit and asked a couple of questions about what he thought about the student council election


What experience do you have as someone who is running for office?

  • My experience as someone who is running for office would be that I ran and won the position of the 8th-grade representative at my old school and participated in the student council there where I was an active member. I am also a part of clubs that require public speaking skills like Model UN, in which I debate and speak during conferences in order to solve a common problem.

What will you do if you become CEO?

  • While I don’t want to go into too much detail right now because I will be explaining that in my recorded speech if I do become president my core focus will be to put my attention on the needs and wants of the Class of 2023. I also want to provide as many opportunities for the people who are not a part of the student council to speak up in order to hear their ideas and what they believe should happen in the school.

What is something you want to let this class of 2023 know?

  • I want to let the Class of 2023 know that I will work tirelessly in order to make an important impact on the school and will also try to fix any complaints that you have right now if I am elected as your president. When you are going to vote, make sure to think about who will make a lasting impact and who is willing to put in extra hours in order to make our class move more smoothly in these tough times. I want you to know that I am willing to go that extra mile for this school and for our class.


Many thanks to Mathew for such a great interview. Remember to vote for your 10th grade CEO whoever it may be. All the guys running are great candidates and put in a lot of time and work.