President Trump Comes Down With COVID-19


Image Courtesy of The Boston Globe

Emmett Gaffney, Staff Writer/Co-Editor

The big story so far in what has been a year of big stories is that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have contracted COVID-19. The pandemic has already taken the lives of 200,000+ Americans. Just days after one of, if not, the most, heated presidential debates ever, the leader of the free world has contracted the deadly virus.


However, I would not fret. I do not think Trump will get seriously ill or, God forbid, and I hate even saying it, die. There is evidence working against him, though. To start he is 74 years old and overweight. Although he brags of his physique, you cannot deny the facts: he is in the prime age group. For reference, over 40,000 Americans in his age group have died from or with COVID. Looking at those numbers and facts, you have a right to be concerned.


Here is the good news. As of October 2, the White House says President Trump is only experiencing mild symptoms. We all hope his symptoms do not worsen, but as of now, he is said to have been doing okay. Secondly, he has probably the best doctors in the world– literally. If worst comes to worst, Donald will have the best of the best treating him. Thirdly, the number of severe cases has declined greatly in recent months so, we all hope this is just a mild case.


In such a polarizing time in US history, this is a great opportunity for the US to unify and rally behind their commander in chief–akin to the nation’s response when Reagan was shot in 1981. Scrolling through Twitter, I have seen some unfortunate and frankly, horrible messages. However, Trump’s Democratic counterparts have done the opposite. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who Trump and Pence are running against, gave the president their best wishes. We should all take a page out of their book right about now. This has nothing to do with policy and everything to do with the health of our President and nation. Use this moment as a chance to unite not divide.