Reviewing “Days” of Next Week

Reviewing “Days” of Next Week

Marcus Lee, Staff Writer

With the Corona Virus bringing everyone down, it helps to know that every day is special in its own way.  That’s why I will be doing this series starting today till the end of the pandemic, and who knows?  Maybe even after that.  


September 28- ask a stupid question day!- this could be like, “What color is the sky?” Or “What is my name?” I challenge everyone to ask at least one on Monday!

September 29- Confucius day- named after the famous Chinese philosopher. This day challenges you to try your luck and get a fortune cookie!

September 30- National Mud Pack day- A rather unusual day, National Mud Pack day challenges both boys and girls to buy a mud facial mask and wear it!

Oct 1- National Coffee day- drink a cup of coffee on October 1st because this celebrates all coffee, from cappuccinos to decaf.

Oct 2- World smile day- Put a smile on your face on October 2nd and stay positive!

Oct 3- National Kevin Day- This was insanely funny when I first heard about it!  Spend some time with anyone you know whose name is Kevin!  


Well, I hope you enjoyed it!  If you would like to see more of these, email me at [email protected] to let me know!