Mrs. Kardis, The Sequel


Charlie Warga, Staff Writer

Mrs. Kardis, our school nurse, has returned to OP after a year of absence. She was needed at home to care for her aiding mother. Unfortunately, her mother passed away in November, and the OP community extends their support to her, especially in this difficult time. 

Mrs. Kardis is taking the return to school with Covid in stride, thanks to her 30 years of past experience working in a hospital. She says that with everyone chipping in and doing their part to cooperate, it makes the task very manageable. Although her office is a bit more busy, due to the new class schedules, she says that having the new, spacious office is very helpful. This larger office is easier to keep clean, and because of the big windows, it remains somewhat cheerful. Mrs. Kardis will now be back as our full time nurse, with Mrs. Walsh filling in as necessary.

Mrs. Kardis said that she had two friends who had contracted Covid early on, and did very well with it. We all know the one big question everyone is asking: what did you do during quarantine? Mrs. Kardis’s answer to that is that she spent a lot of time reading, walking, and doing some spring cleaning. She is really happy to be back at OP and has commented on how everyone has grown over the past year.