Interview with Newcomer Mrs. Cantrell


Jacob Cordeiro, Staff Writer

The school year has begun and Oratory has multiple new staff members on board, in particular teachers. I happen to have a couple of these new teachers instructing my classes, with one of them being Mrs. Cantrell. She works in the mathematics department and teaches various levels of math. I enjoy my Calculus class with Mrs. Cantrell and look forward to all she has to offer when it comes to teaching math, and fortunately enough, I had the pleasure to ask her a few questions pertaining to herself, so the Oratory community could better get to know her. 

How many years have you been teaching? 

This is my 9th year teaching.

What courses are you teaching this year at Oratory? 

I am teaching Algebra 2, Precalculus honors, Calculus, and Honors Calculus.

Where have you worked in the past?

I have worked in a few places the last of which are Hudson Catholic in Jersey City and before that at St. Mary of the Assumption in Elizabeth (fun fact: I worked with Mrs. Monczka at St. Mary’s). 

If you weren’t a teacher, what career would you pursue? 

I would be a writer of spy novels or a psychologist.

Besides math, what’s your other favorite subject? 

I love math. Besides math, I really like art.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I don’t have too much free time but if I do, I like to read, do crafts, garden, spend time with my son, go to the beach, and snuggle with my dogs.

What words would you use to describe yourself? 

I am curious, resilient, intelligent, unintentionally funny, sarcastic, friendly, introverted and optimistic.