An Interview with Matt Garibaldi

Luke Jacobello, Staff Writer

If not for the COVID-19 outbreak, the Oratory sports teams would be well into their season by now. Specifically, the Oratory Prep lacrosse team would have played 7 games by now. Unfortunately, the spring sports season has been canceled. Seniors face the harsh reality that they will not be able to enjoy their “last ride” like they predicted. 

I spoke to senior lacrosse captain Matt Garibaldi to get his take on the situation and how he is spending his time with no lacrosse. 



What was your initial reaction when you heard that spring sports were going to be postponed? 


It was very upsetting to hear that spring sports were going to be postponed. I felt hurt mostly because this is my senior year but I understand why the season had to be postponed. 


How have you been spending your time now that school is closed? 


I’ve been spending my time doing my schoolwork and in my free time, I’ll go shoot or watch Netflix. 


With the lacrosse season canceled for this year, what would you want your legacy to be as a player? 


I hope I would be remembered as someone who always did whatever it took to help the team win. I also hope that I am able to be remembered as a great teammate by everyone I was able to share the field with.


What do you/will you miss most about playing lacrosse for Oratory?


The thing that I will/do miss the most about playing lacrosse for Oratory is the special relationships I have been able to build with my teammates.